11 December 2009

The Tavern on Maple Street

By Sharon Owens
Published by the Penguin Group
First published by Poolbeg Press, Ireland, February 2006

What separates Sharon Owens from the other Irish authors I also adore is the fact that she writes from the Belfast perspective; no posh Dublin life for her.

This story takes place in - you guessed it - a tavern on Maple Street. Jack and Lily, the extremely likeable owners of Beaumont's Tavern, are stunned when a developer from Dublin plans to buy and demolish the entire block and erect a shopping mall in its place. Realising the end is near, Lily decides to go out of business in a big way and, in an effort to bring new customers to Beaumont's, she hires extra staff and begins to host events in the tavern. The staff, of course, are all young, pretty girls who bring their own troubles into Lily's life.

Filled with realistic characters and situations, Owens takes you away to a cozy place where you root for the main characters, enjoy the pub regulars, and wish you could sit in the booth next to the fire with a drink and a good book.

Another lovely read from Sharon Owens.

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