30 March 2010

Beautiful People

By Wendy Holden
Published by Headline Review
First published in 2009

This is the tenth book written by Wendy Holden. This is the ninth book I have read by Wendy Holden (I can't seem to get hold of "Gossip Hound"). Holden's style of chick-lit is mixed with social commentary, an exaggeration of the British upper class, and character names that crack me up (Champagne D'Vyne, Totty Ponsonby-Pratt, Hugh Faugh, Venetia Bothamley-Tartt). She is snarky, hilarious, and able to put together a good story from a cast of thousands.

"Beautiful People" is a mixture of Hollywood agents, actors, directors, British MPs, nannies, and adorable children. No wonder the book is 695 pages!

In Hollywood, the biggest movie of all time, "Galaxia", is about to be made. Actors need to be hired which, of course, involves more than just acting ability. Who is hot right now, who is thin right now, are things to be considered. In Britain, nannies need to be hired to take care of children for the upper classes. This requires not so much a degree in child care as it does a connection to the Lords of the Realm; the more prestigious your nanny, the better.

As all the beautiful people intermingle, an interesting story unfolds of how people are treated differently based on their looks, their weight, and their accents.

Told with all the sarcasm and snide remarks she can muster, Holden takes us from Hollywood, to the UK, to Italy, all the while making us wonder why the beautiful people of the world really are treated differently from the rest of us.

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