21 July 2010

Garden Spells

By Sarah Addison Allen
Published by Bantam Dell
Bantam Discovery trade paperback edition / May 2008

Claire Waverley lives by herself in the old family home where she runs a successful catering business, the success of which comes from the magical herbs and flowers grown in her garden. Claire was brought to this house when she was six by her mother who later abandoned her and her sister, Sydney, to be brought up by their grandmother.

Sydney left town when her high school sweetheart broke up with her. Ten years later, with a child of her own, Sydney is drawn back to the life she swore she would never have again.

Now, Claire and Sydney have to come to grips with their past and decide how to deal with the Waverley legacy.

Sarah Addison Allen takes you into a magical world where eating apples can tell your future, where you glow with colour when you're in love, where unexpected presents will always have a future use, and where the world is perfect when multi-coloured sparkles rain down on your face.

Simply put, this novel is enchanting.

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