13 November 2011

To Catch a Leaf

By Kate Collins
First published by Obsidian, an imprint of New American Library,
a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
First printing, November 2011
ARC courtesy of Kate Collins

Abby Knight and Marco Salvare (and their mothers) are planning their wedding showers - one for each family, of course. They need to book venues, pick out shower invitations, and try to keep their mothers from interfering too much. What could possibly interrupt their plans? A dead dowager, that's what.

And not just a dead dowager, a dead dowager whose body was discovered by none other than Grace Bingham, Abby's dear friend and co-worker. To heighten the mystery, Grace has been left with some rather odd bequests from her dead friend which only serves to make Grace the number one suspect in her death. As usual, Abby and Marco are on the case.

The usual cast of characters are at play here - Abby's mom, her cousin, her roommate, her roomate's cat, and her co-workers at the flower shop. Added to the fun on a regular basis is Francesca, Marco's mom. Hopefully, we'll see more of her in future installments.

While solving the murder, Abby and Marco spend a considerable amount of time interviewing the deceased's family, and what a dysfunctional crew they are! Collins writes the characters in this family with a cracking wit and yet with a believability that only she could bring to such a wealthy, art-infested, lover-sharing, self-centered family.

Installment twelve of the Flower Shop Mysteries has a bit of everything - money, art, cats, ghosts, flowers, and murder. How could you resist?

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